Introducing A.G. Diedericks – Morality Park



Welcome to Morality Park

where sleeping dogs bark

and never lie

Where the fire in our hearts combust

the torch of Lady Liberty

With flames that will enlighten

your misconceptions

We are the Arsonists

and tonight,

We will conflagrate the patriarchy!

Do not think us unkind

if you tell us it’s just inside our mind

We’ll write you

a benevolent epitaph

whilst an empath

runs you a crimson bath

Mad Men tried to contain

the mosaic fragments of our delirium

inside prosaic bottles of lithium;

bereft of clarity

and dressed in normality

Restless sanity

Uncaged anxiety

with legislative amnesty

to fluctuate, and Soar

High, on top of the See-Saw

In Morality Park;

There are no grey areas!

Yes, I’m talking to you rapists

You, who said you misread her signals

We’ll hang you by the wrong head

and blame it on a typo

from the judge’s sentence

We, the hypochondriacs

of your fake news

are your greatest misdiagnosis

Sorry Ramones,

But we’ll no longer be sedated

We are the minority

that will parallel park

on your authority

if you get in our space

We’ll be the “What The Fuck?!”

That will remain on your face


A.G. Diedericks: “I am disenfranchised; divorced from repetition, subjugated by a maddening darkness that breathes through my words. My work is as autobiographical as it is fictitious. Some might call it poetry, others might call it fiction. You may vivisect it as you see fit.”

He is also the founder, creator & hostage taker of Morality Park.