Introducing: The Stories In Between – Mirror

Fucking mirror.

I have no desire to look at myself right now. But I can’t help but look. Each time, for just a moment during the approach, maybe, maybe this time, something will be different. But it’s not. It’s all the same. I can’t find a way to get away from this, it’s always the same. There has to be something that can carry me from this place, something more has to be waiting . . . it’s just too hard to accept that this is all there is. Where is the hope? Surely it doesn’t lie in all this.  I don’t care how deep you dig, nothing of any value lives here. And I’m sure, soon, you’ll give up. It’s too much work. It’s not worth it. I’m not worth it.  But please, before you walk away, look at my face one last time.

How careless is all this? How many things have we dropped along the way? Sometimes we step over and other times we just step on. Have you looked at your shoes lately? There may be more than gum on your soul. If you found a way beneath these layers can you accept what’s exposed? This is all for you but can you take it?

The mirror tells no lies. Well, maybe a few, but there’s enough truth in there that we can dismiss the lies. How else can you see the lines and darkness beneath the eyes? Who could ever look at yourself in the way you can? It takes a lot sometimes but other times, not much at all.

Because sometimes it really doesn’t matter. And other times it truly does matter but we just don’t give a shit.

Fucking mirror.


Life is pretty good these days. But that doesn’t mean I don’t remember. It’s quite easy, too easy, to slip back to what once was, realizing it still is. I have the knowledge that there is an underlying hope in all this, which is one of the greatest gifts the years have given me. So the question remains, are you willing to expose that which lies in between? – The Stories In Between

14 thoughts on “Introducing: The Stories In Between – Mirror

  1. That fucking mirror!

    “Who could ever look at yourself in the way you can”

    Man, you just raised the bar here.
    I really admire your craft. The attention to detail is eerie.. There’s just no filler with you. Welcome to Morality Park, my friend. We are honoured to have you join us.

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  2. Well done, The Stories in Between! I really liked that! Honest, raw, heartbreaking truth. I don’t need a mirror to investigate the in-between, I can go there in my sleep and during meditation.

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  3. “Who could ever look at yourself in the way you can” and who could ever look at yourself in the way that your reflection can…the in-between you reflecting truths and dark spots back onto yourself.
    Then…what of shadows following us around? Are the shadows yet another layer of the in-between?

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