Earth to Mars, Mars to Venus – David and Marguerite Redpath


Earth to Mars

My husband is missing
deep in cyberspace
He was last seen on Mars
(Does Elon Musk
know that my X man
got there first?)
Now I’ve lost all trace
Is he missing me
somewhere on Planet Poetry
whilst hunting
and collecting
in an alternate universe?
Where aliens
with inktipped claws
scratch each other’s backs
with a quote or a verse
of wisdom … or vice
depending on their mood
I don’t mean to sound terse
for it is their chosen food
To regurgitate the past
and masticate the future
From haunted dreams
to visions of splendour
night and day
they meander
Is that him I hear
swaggering like Jagger
through the front door
or some Jabberwocky
crying out for more?
No …
So if you see him
the one in an oilskin coat
a snakeskin belt
Cuban boots
and an old felt hat
please let him know
there’s a launch pad vacant
waiting for him
down here below
Just for my runaway
somewhere out there
lost in the Milky Way

~ Marguerite Redpath   © 2018

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Mars to Venus

But …
my fair maiden
of eternal bliss
love trumps
Or is it arrogant
of me
to say this?
Am I becoming
the cyber hermit
with observations
from some
distant planet?
My loving Venus
the cosmic tide
upon which we ride
has a heavenly permit
It leads me
It keeps me
in celestial transit
as I toil
in creations soil
have I left nothing
upon the shelf?
But words pressed
like virgin oil
from the ripe flesh
of life itself
Words put to the test
in the fires of hell
Then heaven blessed
upon your lips
with a holy breath
Am I caught
in the crush?
Am I chasing
the rush?
I’ve had my head
in the vice
of interstellar ice
at the light speed
of greed
The price was too high
And it wasn’t very nice
Is there peril
in throwing the dice
at a poetic level
With you
and the Spirit true
can I weather
any battle?
My Gypsy Queen
have you seen
all that has been
in one pure drop
of a golden dream?
Do you know
What is to be?
In loss
have you counted the cost
of a hard won victory?
You are my star sign
You know the Word
ever spoken
seldom heard
is deep within me
You are my grand plan
You hold my future
in the palm of your hand
Please be with me
For I am surrounded
by divisive opinions
being spoon fed
to hungry minions
from strange dominions
of magic potions
Toxins in the grave
of promises broken
My reborn Venus
I’m a slave
to your satisfaction
My lonely lover
do you thirst
for that burst
from where true love
comes first?
I place you
high above me
In the raging fire
of your desire
I put myself last
Do you wish me
to be
no talk
and all action
in this world
of blind reaction
Hating hatred
Fighting for peace
amongst the spies
of Trickle-down lies
As the last post sounds
for feudal economics
a war is raging
of greed and injustice
self inflicting
by the clenched fist
of unforgiveness
Forgive me my absence
Shall I
should I
cease and desist?
In love
I’m willing to be
your soul apprentice
For your call
to enthral
I find hard to resist

~ david redpath   © 2018

For more of David’s work, please visit: Highway Bloggery

21 thoughts on “Earth to Mars, Mars to Venus – David and Marguerite Redpath

  1. David and Marguerite: I love this positive spin on Mars and Venus….It is light, cheeky, a bit dark and foreboding and a true testament to your love for one another. It has a mixture of so many different elements! Beauty!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. What the hell, David? You’ve been holding out on us! I’m beginning to wonder if we chose the right spouse lol. This was beautifully quaint..the flow was epic.

    I hope this isn’t the last collaboration we see of you two. Do pass on my regards to Mrs Redpath.

    Liked by 3 people

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