Introducing Chris Nelson ~ Magpie

My perch it is the highest fence

My view the clearest view,

I scan the city streets all day

In search of something new.


I watch the faces passing by

The frightened and the brave,

And steal their thoughts before they know

They’re stumbling to the grave.


But never tree

Or hanging branch

Will ever hear me sing,


I move with grace

From left to right

But never on a limb.


I’ll take the shiny and the dull

And keep them in my nest,

All the doors that never opened

Now locked inside my chest.


And when at night you cannot see

The memories that you lost,

I’ll gaze upon each every one

And marvel at the cost.


But never will

I take the dive

Or sing out loud my song,


Just bob my head

From side to side

And pray that I’m not wrong.


I’ll watch the Sun both rise and fall

And welcome day and night,

Basking in the cloak of darkness

And hiding in the light.


I’ll never fly too far from home

For fear I’ll lose my way,

Rather nest on stolen chances

As on my perch I stay.


So neither tree

Nor hanging branch

Will ever hear my song,


As safe I grasp

The middle ground

To be neither right nor wrong.

© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018

If you enjoyed this, thank you! To read more please visit chrisnelson61

28 thoughts on “Introducing Chris Nelson ~ Magpie

  1. Beautiful ode to love before loss. So good to see your work reaching a new and hopefully wider audience as it deserves to do. All the best from Mark & Chris.

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  2. Chris, first of all welcome aboard! What a phenomenal introduction. Stunning poem!
    Oh, the choices we make and the reverberating consequences of those choices. I fear indecision may be the worst choice of all, and it is a choice. Not to move into the light and not to reveal our beauty and our voice, is a choice. The longer we dwell in the shadows, the harder it becomes for us to ever express ourselves with any form of confidence and clarity. Indecision is limbo and soul slaughter.
    I was really rooting for that bird to serenade us with a magnificent tale of splendour. This poem was beautiful and yet oh so sad.

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  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful response, Mia, and I’m delighted that you picked up on the choice of ‘magpie’ (for all the reasons you mentioned). It’s good to be here and hopefully I will be able to continue to please you with my words.
    Take care

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  4. I’ve read this a half dozen times and had as many reactions to it.
    The first time, I smiled because ‘Magpie’ is my nickname.
    On successive reads the contrasts gave context, just like the Magpie’s feathers.
    Magpie’s don’t change their minds much at all. They tend to mate for life and recognise people in their territory, forming life-long likes and dislikes for people. (random fact 🙂 )
    Your poem is perfectly paced and evenly weighted to give a thoughtful and thought provoking read. Really enjoyed this.

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