Untitled – Chris Nelson

Born into the night

Sharp-suited, black

Against the shadows,

Felt your footsteps

Cold and soundless


Each placed deep within my own,

Your breath,

Chill upon my neck

As your words swirled,

Like birds lost in the warmth

Of early winter,

Around my head,

My back sheltered by

The uneasiness of your coat

Wrapped about my shoulders,

Felt your hands eat

Into my formaldehyde mind,

Sowing the seeds for a harvest

Misted by candle-wick days

Which devoured the light

And led the Sun to its

Uneasy bed,

Born into the night

Cut from the promise of light,

Against the shadows

I felt your footsteps.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018


If you enjoyed this, thank you! To read more please visit chrisnelson61.

16 thoughts on “Untitled – Chris Nelson

  1. I love the dark. I love it in this piece and in life.
    I’ve becoming emotionally diabetic, unable to tolerate spun sugar bullshit. We are fed candy-coated lies at every meal, told to push away the shadows that darken our plate.

    Have they forgotten that contrast creates context? Have they forgotten how glaring sunlight in our eyes leaves us blind?

    So glad I read this today. Thank you!

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  2. I have to say that I am delighted that you understood my intention here: this was not a case of not being able to think of a title but a very deliberate attempt to reflect the uncertain/ uneasy yet inevitable path on which we all find ourselves. This, and your thoughts on the piece in general, are most rewarding. Thank you so much, Mia. May the coming week be good to you.

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  3. I think it goes without saying that I gravitate towards the dark. There’s a lot in this wonderfully chilling piece that I can relate to. Especially love the quote,

    “Born into the night
    Cut from the promise of light,
    Against the shadows
    I felt your footsteps.”

    Fantastic work, Sir Chris.

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