Let Go – The Stories in Between

My hands scrape the cold ground

Digging for the final exhale

Which to shake the Earth

Punish time

Take this down

Stripped to naked regret

Upon my dead shore

The last remains

To be seen


Let go

Of the benign


You hold in your mouth

We are ghosts

In this place

With nothing

To haunt

Our time punished

Through broken lens

Without understanding


We all let go


Or try to

Attempted facade

A slow dance

Running from dreams

A lethargic assault

Tumbling over

The broken

And reckless

Until the time

We are caught

In stillness

In understanding

In difference


What do you see?


I caress your cheek

Explore your eyes


We really don’t know

Do we?


More from the author can be found at The Stories in Between

18 thoughts on “Let Go – The Stories in Between

  1. Excellent work which covers many themes, not least our casual attitude to the horrors around us. Hands up, I can be as lethargic as the next – perhaps we feel that inaction will keep the truth at bay and that we can see out time in safety?
    Superbly crafted – I especially like the ‘indifference’ and ‘in difference’ play.

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  2. I’m caught in the whirlpool of irony. In my need to understand everything whilst accepting I know nothing I’ve found an outcrop of rocks to cling to. Holding my beliefs in an open palm affords me a slim grip on sanity; a calm spot on the shores of that whirlpool.
    I love the slow unfolding of this piece. Like undressing in a cold room it leaves you acutely aware of what you’ve stripped off.

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