Love and Hope: The Sadistic Sisterhood (part 1) ~ Maggie Lawson

love and hope (2)

I’m the smiling assassin
a law abiding anarchist
and a natural borne liar

but, you can call me Hope.

Lean a little closer
tilt your head just so
I’ll drip a little honey
sweet cure for your woes
wounds delivered by my sister’s hand
she’s quite the bitch, you know

I’ll tell you that shadows
are born because of light
and soon a dawn is coming
so just you hold on tight
I’ll respond to ‘are we there yet’
with ‘just a little longer’
whilst swollen with the knowledge
that that star died long ago.

I’ll teach you to savour
the burn of skinless flesh
as I lure you into salt mines
to delight in the deafening
kumbayah of exposed nerves;
a song for deaf ears.

Come a little closer
reach out and take my hand
I’m a sadist of the highest order

but, you can call me Hope.

©All original work copyright Maggie Lawson 2018

Maggie L. chews crayons here: The Art of Chewing Crayons


14 thoughts on “Love and Hope: The Sadistic Sisterhood (part 1) ~ Maggie Lawson

    • In spite of their atrocities, I find myself seduced, pulled into the black hole that was once a burning star knowing full well that destruction and delight are the same thing, at the same time; the sweetest anguish.
      There is always more honey, albeit as Mead.

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  1. Perhaps the darkest interpretation of Hope I have read in some time. She would be proud and offended all at once, empowered by your raw and unassuming perspective but inherently in conflict with the bleak reality you have painted in her colors. Overall, this is prose in fine form, and being a being of understanding, she and any others would appreciate it as it is.

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    • Nothing stays in the shadows but I’ve walked the full gamut of light to darkness and as an astute man once said, ‘offering a different perspective bring us closer to truth’.
      I know my eyes are callused but thankfully there are others who lend me theirs.

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