Werewolf Déluge ~ D.B.Redpath

“Keep on walking!”

I saw a werewolf

with a hymn book in his hand

prowling around

sniffing the ground

from Jonestown to Gaza

He’s that well manicured gent

Some say he’s heaven sent

I’d like to meet his tailor

You can hear him howling

on your television set

Better not turn it on

Little old lady got bitten

late last night

Werewolves of oblivion, again

… Ooh Ahh

A sanctimonious
dish licker
House trained
and chained to a gang
That rock ‘n’ roll spider
High Keeper
of the sacred
Cookie Cutter
a most common
The bottom feeder
from an archaic crypt
fit for a counterfeit
An omega predator
and an alpha hypocrite
Hunting little tiger
Out for a bite
Stalking the night
Keep an eye on your son
Best lock up you daughter
Werewolves of religion
deviants of Christendom
peddling science fiction
from some dead
and buried author
with fantasies of flight
aboard a dianetic cruise
Like a Tom on heat
with the romcon blues
a diffuser of confusion
defusing the light
Preaching in part
yet with every action
and reaction
denying the total sum
of Kingdom come
Out of his right mind
by the hand of slight
out of plain sight
the highly refined
and cultured lupine
beguiling the gullible
Absurding the improbable
Packaging and marketing
the celestial sublime
If you don’t own the patent
… isn’t that a crime?
Like ringing the bell
knocking the door
and talking the hell
Taking alms from the poor
to feed the big empty
with the hunger pangs
of a miscreant zombie
The beast of Pharisee yeast
and Hollywood celebrity
… baring his fangs

I saw a werewolf

smoking a cuban cigar

whilst howling at the moon

to the tune of ‘Instant Karma’

I saw a werewolf

at Club Nirvana

dancing with Che Guevara

doing the Werewolves of Martyrdom

I saw, for sure, a werewolf

you could tell by his fruit

Like wearing an Armani suit

blessing the troops at Armaggedon

His hair was perfect

Like John Travolta

in ‘Saturday Night Fever’

… Ooh Ahh

Of broken paradiso promises
within the thin air of despair
a multitude of barking voices
Don’t be sheep skinned
Mauled by superstition
Bludgeoned by religion
Don’t allow a rabid wolf
to stand between you
and the ever loving truth
The insanity of humanity
hell bent and torn in half
Bent over some, or other,
always another, golden calf

My empirical proof of truth;
Does it deliver true freedom
… or destruction, bondage,
and divisive division?
A question in the seeking
For before the Sun arises
there is, with certainty,
… a Full Moon coming

~ david redpath (c) 2018

Inspired by the lyrics
of Warren Zevon

Mark Clarebrough (c) 2018
PhotoArt: David Redpath

23 thoughts on “Werewolf Déluge ~ D.B.Redpath

  1. I’m thankful I’ve made it through the shitshow (with the help of great Love, no doubt) to be able to laugh at this, particularly at,
    “The beast of Pharisee yeast
and Hollywood celebrity”…
    But the sad reality is that so many make themselves prey to werewolves and prosperity gospel. Number one to observe with prayer is whether the love displayed is accompanied by true humility, and tested. Thank you, David.

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  2. From televangelists galore
    to JWs knocking at the door
    from the e-meter in Mother Hubbard’s cubbard
    to Egyptian hieroglyphs uncovered
    from a Smith’s spy glass
    to Smallville actress applying a brand on the ass
    The werewolves are no longer just in London anymore
    but in cities, towns and countries galore
    According to Christ’s “Vicar”, there is no Hell
    Jesus’ words on the subject a delusional spell
    There’s a full moon rising
    Star treks are enterprising
    There’s Darth Vader and the Force
    that’s become the new religion of course
    Lycanthropy has now spread far and wide
    nowhere for the merely human to hide
    The hymn now sung has become a growling howl
    and a painted face hides a wolfish scowl
    Howl too long and may the hoarse be with you
    for in space they say no one can hear you scream
    but relax it may just be a Matrix dream
    as reality comes apart at the seam.

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    • Chris … Ooh Ahh !
      I’m lycan your written’
      You’ve met the werewolf then?
      Always scratching at the door,
      with hair like Elizabeth Taylor.
      You better stay away from him,
      he’ll rip your soul out, Jim.
      Then move in & trash your trailer.
      Thanks for your insights
      on fashionable theology.
      Some things never change
      The word returns not void.
      And unlike a full moon fiend
      under a vampiric sway
      … the Truth is Immutable.
      No need for a populist apology.
      Heaven and Earth may pass away,
      but . . .

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  3. Don’t allow a rabid wolf
    to stand between you
    and the ever loving truth
    The insanity of humanity

    I like how your words flow, is it called meter? Or cadence? I don’t know, I just like saying the words in my mind. You have other examples using the sounds of the words with power as well. Thank you for the likes and for following me!


    • Thanks James.
      I just like to go
      with the flow,
      standing at the open door.
      Sometimes I hear a whisper
      and then the roar …
      too much to remember.
      Never forgetting
      who I am writing for.

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  4. phenomenal David. Grew up in the South, bible belt country and have seen all of the pay me to pray while I prey on your faith to fuel my limo preachers, and touchy-feely on the little boys gang. One of the most vile group of villains to walk the earth

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