A BRIMFUL OF GRIM 2 – A.G. Diedericks & Kindra M. Austin


He is the rain on a cold grey day—

the arthritis that ravages my bones

and when he breathes, it’s a Nor’easter wind—

I’m blown apart; shattered;

scattered; kicked about like autumn leaves,



Unwritten letters from our post-mortem breathe life into her apparition

Like the weather; she returns to season fresh wounds

Blood pressure tantamount to a volcanic mountain; she hikes my temperature


Fuego, fuego! I give him fever; raze his green earth

while he does freeze mine

I exhale phantoms in billowing bursts

and weep for the fugitive memories


Her frosted ribcage collides with the arson in my heart; two souls, cremated

We paint every town red;

Ours is a match that burns all bridges

We’re on a road to revive the great depression


Ghouls are we without restitution—

to Hell with intuition

Gods warring are we without resolution—

fuck the institution


I suck on his brimstone,

a brimful of grim, and he grins with Cheshire teeth

tucked tightly in his head


With us there’s no cease fire; no coalition

Be it life or death, our ashes will always blow in the same direction

You can read Part 1 here:  Brimful of Grim Part 1.

Kindra M. Austin can be read here: poems and paragraphs.]
A. G. Diedericks can be found passed out in a dark alley somewhere behind Morality Park


20 thoughts on “A BRIMFUL OF GRIM 2 – A.G. Diedericks & Kindra M. Austin

  1. From the start, my breath was lost. The imagery of this piece twists into my eyes and I feel a sense of being unable to break free, not wanting too. It feels like elation in a shared despair, a beautiful darkness that has teeth. The language is exquisite, the rhythm fluid but weighted. Absolutely Gorgeous!

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  2. I loved the pacing of this one. The rhythm flower slower and smoother in the beginning. Starting with “Fuego, fuego! “, however, the pace burned like the fire you mention.


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  3. A powerful piece in which two souls are inseperable ( whether they belong to two people or reside within one being is a tantalising question) and one cannot exist without the other. Perhaps it truly is better to burn bright and burn out rather than to simmer slowly. A fine collaboration.

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