For Love and Oceans ~ Maggie Lawson

STORMY SKY Sea Storm Waves Beach Wallpaper HD
wafture luring
ravenous wretches in.
Inviting emerald pinions
lost souls.Teasing
torrents beckon.
Heartfelt affections swell.
Succumbing to fateful baiting,

abysmal bliss,
cradles jaded dreamers.
Lofty gulls cry a lullaby,

seascape thunders,
plundering misplaced trust.
Consuming yearning burns below
bruised skies.

shoreline corpses,
sea’s regurgitation.
Casualties of love and ocean;

©Copyright Maggie Lawson 2018

Maggie chews crayons here: The Art of Chewing Crayons



21 thoughts on “For Love and Oceans ~ Maggie Lawson

  1. It is brilliant. I’ve c/p’d different lines in this comment as my favorite. Then I deleted them because another one was my favorite. They are all so fucking great! The flow is of the words are tidal feeling as well.

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