There’s No Dawn Where We Live – A.G. Diedericks

There’s no dawn where we live.
I watch as you step inside my soul,
scavenging for a candle holder,
accompanied by an indefatigable
passion to touch this purely decorative heart.

In my hands i caress your ethereal skin, freckled with my scars. On your lips, i turn your truths into lies
I’m all that you should despise
Oh, my beautiful marionette
When will you realize?
Tell me when it gets cold, and I’ll lend you my straight-jacket, whilst i put on another disguise.

There’s an equilibrium in madness.
In our tunnel; you had the vision
to descry the years of loyalty beyond the brutality. And time has stolen everything except our problems.

You see, I have always been the architect of my own abyss.
Until you came along and furnished it into your own wishing well, leaving me to rest & dwell, in this never-ending boundary spell.
Where my subconscious manifest monstrosities,

beneath a church bell.

I remember when we met, you told me that you’re just a figment of my imagination. I didn’t know it at the time, that we had seen eachother before, somewhere in the trenches of an ominous metaphor.

The truth is i am a custodian of doubt, anchored by a lofty disregard for change.
I don’t remember the walls being this shade of black. I don’t remember why our ghost writer left and booked himself in for an exorcism.

There’s no dawn where we live.
I watch as you self-flagellate, injecting yourself with Stockholm Syndrome
I watch your ambivalent tears burn with the aesthetic light of your smile destitute of truth
And you know that i would let you go,
if you would let me…
but you’ve always been more stubborn than me
even now, as you stand there..
laying your incorrigible flowers
on this free-fall bed.

A.G. Diedericks: I am disenfranchised; divorced from repetition, subjugated by a maddening darkness that breathes through my words. My work is as autobiographical as it is fictitious. You may vivisect it as you see fit.

He is also the Groundskeeper of Morality Park.

44 thoughts on “There’s No Dawn Where We Live – A.G. Diedericks

  1. The entire piece is great but I am particular to this line:

    “The truth is i am a custodian of doubt, anchored by a lofty disregard for change.”

    I fully acknowledge, as I do with anything I say, that I may indeed be full of shit but it is certainly possible madness is a result of the inability to recognize, accept and embrace our insanity.

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    This reminds me of two beleaguered phantoms haunted by the illusory and insubstantial void of existence. Existential angst at its finest!

    “There is equilibrium in madness.”
    LOVE this line!
    Madness allows us to escape the rote, the mechanical of everyday existence – We may restore our own sanity through the madness – a pause from the monotony, a way for us to reconcile our own intentions and desires away from the zombies (unless we are the zombies?!) ; )

    I’ve had to revisit this beauty a few times already, trying to absorb every last morsel. Your words, like a balm, soothing a sullied soul.


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    • I love this comment! We’re definitely the zombies.. I like how you’ve interpreted this piece. It allows me to look at it through your vista. I can’t thank you enough for this stunning compliment. 🙂

      “But we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy” – Seal

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    • I actually wrote this piece after staring at that image for a disturbing amount of time. I loved the contrast of emotions and tried to paint my interpretation of it.

      I’ll settle for his elocution! Since I’m not english.

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  3. It’s because of this piece that I went back and read everything you’ve written on here. This is the slow blade that draws pictures in my skin, the silvery scars of which I’ll stroke in years to come as I remember the beauty of their birth.

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  4. This makes me very emotional. It is tenderness and despair meshed in an epic and beautiful masterpiece of language. I felt love in this, fear, submission, self loathing, wanting, sadness tethered to a strange elation….so much. As ever your use of language leaves me both gutted and envious. A few of the lines that I cannot get enough of: “tell me when it get’s cold, and I ‘ll lend you my straight jacket, whilst I put on another disguise” – “I didn’t know it at the time, that we had seen eachother before, somewhere in the trenches of an ominous metaphor.” – “the truth is, I am a custodian of doubt”. You are, without question, a master of this craft, A.G.

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  5. This struck my mind like a barrage of blows from a prize fighter when I didn’t even know I had stepped into the ring. I innocently checked my email and followed the link here only to find myself confronted by such puissant immersive darkness that I felt like I had been plunged into an ocean of alien thoughts. This is frankly brilliant. You really portrayed a lofty pantage view over a world I can only feel fortunate not to be a part of, and it clutched my heart like the claws of a nightmarish phantom. You challenge me in all the most amazing ways. Thank you for the thunder of your words. The reverberating echoes will be rumbling around my head for a long while.

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