AUTODIDACT – A.G. Diedericks


I’m uneducated

punktuated by subversion

My verses run grades in reverse

I see only art in my continuum

I am averse to your curriculum

There’s no path for me in math

No rhythm in my algorithm

No symmetry in my poetry

I bastardize

established linguistics

I do it

Just to smite the elitist erudite

My philosophy is detached from your morphology

My beleaguered elocution

poisons Ivy league institutions

I am an alumnus

from the college of sacrilege

This is the narrative of a native

in class with the iconoclasts

We block the conjecture

I put a sock in the lecturer; Leave
’em annoyed

As i rock to the literature of pink floyd

I’m tryin’ to hold this mic, but my fingers keep slippin’

like Sigmund Freud

50 thoughts on “AUTODIDACT – A.G. Diedericks

  1. “imagination is more important than knowledge!” Said my man Albert Einstein.
    This poem proves it…oh, the places you can go with a creative streak….
    As a side note, I love Eminem ( I was infatuated with him as a young girl…odd,I reckon, but true)
    Second, you need to go to an open mic slam poetry night. I’ll be in the front row cheering you on ๐Ÿ˜€
    This flows beautifully…love the defiant, definitive stance you take…you prove that you are unstoppable here….Wilde xo

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      • I would not be your only fan. Hardly possible with your ability to leverage linguistics into lyrical lessons…semantics aside, I’d be your BIGGEST fan…๐Ÿ˜‰Cheers! Wilde.

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    • David, Tu Pac a deal with the devil is hardly worth it….all for some Eminem tickets…please don’t sell your soul for us!
      Kan ye please pay full price and not this cheap, 50 cent deal in exchange for your freedom….

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  2. Great passion and punch, and you’re right in the fact that verse/ poetry (and even good prose) needs to be felt first in order to convey its emotion. Trouble is sometimes this is ‘educated’ out of people in favour of rigidity.
    Fine writing, AG.

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  3. I keep imagining this spoken, wishing you’d included audio because the voice inside my head isn’t gangsta enough to do it justice.
    I can imagine you reading this at home though and I know it would be brilliant, the words alone take care of that.

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