Fire Beats Ice (Memory of a Girl I Knew)

Existential Poetry

She walks along the somber path by the light of the moon, chasing snowflakes with her umber eyes. She’s careful as she trudges across the frozen ground, so as not to lose her ever so intentional footing. She doesn’t normally get along with the cold, but she knows she needs to get out, to escape, to let the breeze find and untangle her elusive string of never ending thoughts. Snow paints the tips of her curly midnight hair, which bounces with every springy step she takes. She presses on, one step after another, crushing the ice beneath her feet and leaving a trail of glittering footsteps behind her.

You’d never meet someone as warm as she, though you may have to search the deep fires of her soul to find it. Others, those who are cold like the ground she walks upon, have a way of freezing the outer layers of sensitive hearts…

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