Introducing Samantha Rose ~ Chasing Ghosts

Rose-gold sunbeams set the autumn trees ablaze

under skies consumed by the pouring rain,

mind obscured in a silver haze.


I search for glimpses in the rearview mirror

and hold open the palms of my hand out the window

hoping to catch drops of nostalgia


that quench my soul like water.

I see drive by memories

strewn apart by the wind


and buried deep in muddy waters.

They swirl apart the tattered pages in my mind

but dissipate quickly on the tongue.


I try to capture phantoms in a glass bottle

but memories are not wine,

they don’t get richer as they age.


They haunt me,

and as seasons die

I try to dig up their bodies –


forever left

chasing ghosts.


© Copyright Samantha Rose 2018

You can catch more of Samantha existing at her blog, Existential Poetry.

22 thoughts on “Introducing Samantha Rose ~ Chasing Ghosts

  1. This is exceptionally beautiful! This is the kind of poetry I love to read, the kind that reminds me why I love language and what it does to my heart. This is the kind of poetry that makes me want to strive for more as a poet. I am in the memory, in the rain and the ache of being alive, but ever so softly.

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  2. If you have read some of my comments on posts by Wulf, Susan, Bojana and Maggie, you would know that imagery in poetry is so important to me. With that said, your imagery is phenomenal. “Glimpses in the rearview mirror”, “tattered pages in my mind”, “phantoms in a glass bottle”, “I try to dig up their bodies”…
    Wow! Just wow! Thank you for showing me how beautiful poetry can be. ☺

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