Astoria ~ Samantha Rose

Something lurks in the obsidian atmosphere

above the quaint town

as fog creeps in tandem with the night tides.


Whistling winds

sway the chimes and the bobs at the wavering docs,

draining still silence from empty streets.


The theater smells of a handsome fellow

cloaked in a white tux and smoldering jaw,

who dances in mirrors


and paints with shadows in the corner of your eye.

The doorknobs turn themselves,

the empty hallways shriek the loudest.


The lighthouse, a columbarium

leaks ectoplasm from its barnacle covered bricks.

Protecting its honorary lighthouse keepers


as ships miss its lights

and perform vanishing acts upon the deep waters,

leaving phantoms in the night


to be dashed against the rocks

and to creep upon the skeleton of the wreckage.

The moon drags Cthulhu’s silhouette across the ocean floor


as cosmic chaos implodes

in the sleepy town

that never sleeps.


© Copyright Samantha Rose 2018

[Astoria is a coastal town in the state of Oregon, rumored along with many of its surrounding areas to be haunted by various creatures and spirits. To read more about the haunting history and ghost stories of Astoria, click HERE.]

You can catch more of Samantha existing at her blog, Existential Poetry.

28 thoughts on “Astoria ~ Samantha Rose

  1. I am familiar with the name, but from a game I used to play. Your poem truly started to make me feel the dark magic associated with it. I truly love this part:

    “The theater smells of a handsome fellow

    cloaked in a white tux and smoldering jaw,

    who dances in mirrors”

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  2. Samantha, this piece continues to show your range as a writer. It is eeriness in motion. It is story that dances across the landscape of a darkened ocean. It makes me feel both afraid and curious, tantalized. There is so much gorgeous language….”paints with shadows in the corner of your eye” and “perform vanishing acts on the deep waters” A great read!

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    • Thank you, Chris! I actually had visited the coast recently, noticing that from a certain perspective, coastal towns appear eerie. So I was inspired so research legends surrounding the town, and sure enough – lots of stuff regarding stories of hauntings.

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  3. Thank you for stopping by, glad you enjoyed reading this poem. I am going to have to take time out and further explore your poem nothing like an education first thing in the morning. I am off now to be further educated and hit on the follow button.

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  4. Writers often speak about finding their voice- I, however, like ones who have more than one. Whether you’re writing about depression, activism, or horror, as you’ve so beautifully written about here; I know your work will elevate the reader. We’re fortunate to watch you in action during your formative years. Absolutely loved this gothic tale.

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