Dreams Fall Down – Chris Nelson

Dreams fall down like shadows slow

Can’t stop them now, can’t even try,

I feel them shroud me like a curse

Can’t see behind a clouded eye.


These tremors take my sweated hand

Can’t shake them off, can’t cut them loose,

I feel them chill my aching bones

Can’t rid myself, a waiting noose.


They drag me through mistakes I’ve made

Can’t justify, or reason why,

They show me futures drowned in pain

Can’t close my ears to other’s sighs.


Devils dance and duel within

Can’t stop the tune, can’t still the sound

A masquerade, no end in sight

Can’t hide my face or go to ground.


Voices call inside me now

Can’t make my own be heard instead,

They pull me into depths unknown

Can’t heal the scars inside my head.


Dogs are barking at the walls

Can’t silence them or stop their call,

They speak to me my greatest fears

Can’t hide from them, can’t hide at all.


And dreams fall down like shadows still

Can’t stop them now, can’t ask for more,

I feel them shroud me like a curse

Can’t see beyond the gaping door.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018


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19 thoughts on “Dreams Fall Down – Chris Nelson

  1. Wow, Chris. The rhythm alone of this one is wonderful. I don’t recall one so dark from you as this. I am sure they are out there, just I haven’t read them. I love the way it shows the depth of your skills and showcases the darker side.

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