Introducing Chris Nelson ~ Magpie


My perch it is the highest fence

My view the clearest view,

I scan the city streets all day

In search of something new.

I watch the faces passing by

The frightened and the brave,

And steal their thoughts before they know

They’re stumbling to the grave.

But never tree

Or hanging branch

Will ever hear me sing,

I move with grace

From left to right

But never on a limb.

I’ll take the shiny and the dull

And keep them in my nest,

All the doors that never opened

Now locked inside my chest.

And when at night you cannot see

The memories that you lost,

I’ll gaze upon each every one

And marvel at the cost.

But never will

I take the dive

Or sing out loud my song,

Just bob my head

From side to side

And pray that I’m not wrong.

I’ll watch the Sun both…

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