A Ghost to Haunt – Chris Nelson

I am the name you never said,

The one who slips from bed to bed,

The favoured book you never read,

A constant doubt within your head.


I am the cross upon your door,

The creeping root beneath the floor,

The tortured dress you never wore,

An icy vein that will not thaw.


I am the word you never spoke,

The mirror’s face behind its smoke,

The frozen time behind night’s cloak,

A laugh too late to catch the joke.


I am the time you never planned,

The days that slipped out of your hand,

The rusted icon on the stand,

An effigy on broken land.


I am the cry at dead of night,

The splintered dream lost in mid-flight,

The falling bird that knows its plight,

A final line you could not write.


I am the bridge you could not cross,

The path below grown old with moss,

The road behind grown cold with loss,

An ancient sign now lost its gloss.


I am the one you’d never court,

The fated friend you never sought,

The thief of time I’ll leave you naught,

A ghost to haunt your every thought.


I am the name you never said,

The one that fills your heart with dread,

The name in everything you read,

A ghost to haunt the days ahead.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018


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23 thoughts on “A Ghost to Haunt – Chris Nelson

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  2. Chris, you often talk about lurking ghosts, haunted houses, memories, past.
    Though they normally have a deeply disquieting and disturbing effect, the way you tell these stories makes them less so. Maybe because I generally see you as an optimistic guy. Am I right?

    Be that as it may, this one will for sure haunt my days ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

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