Freeform Disillusion ~ Brandewulf

freeform disillusion

How many times
Will we walk in place
To face the cliff?
Approach the railing.
Bargain for another breath.
We dance around diversion,
Perverting moments of peace
To wring the sponge empty
Of all the smiles stored
In its ragged, jagged holes.
We fill our mouths
With tasteless words
That sound absurd.
Yet we chew and chew.
…and chew.
We suck on the candles
And roll our lolling tongues
To snuff out the flames.
We let the wax coat and cover
Until it smothers all chance
To reignite. To float in flight
Like Daedalus’s bright escape.
Feathers freely fall
As the wax drips and drips
In Dadaesque layers.

© Brandewulf 2018

You can read more of Brandewulf’s work at Brandewijn Words.


7 thoughts on “Freeform Disillusion ~ Brandewulf

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  2. The title of your poem is what has made me read it as I usually enjoy reading pieces about disillusion. Love all the gorgeous imagery of this poem like “the sponge empty/
    Of all the smiles stored/ In its ragged, jagged holes”. This is a lovely metaphor like the rest of your piece. Also, I especially like the verses referred to the Icarus’ flight where Daedalus cannot prevent his son’s fall when the wax melts with the sun. That ancient Greek myth has always drawn my attention since I was a little girl.The end of your piece is very powerful with this image. Great work!


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