Open window

Greeneyedgirl79 is a writer whose heart & soul is felt in each and every syllable. This immaculate poem is one of the many treats you’ll find on her beautiful blog.


1you and I

who will care about either of us

when time has dusted over details

with every generation, new mouths to feed

the clamor drowns out

quiet purpose and histories of those

who stood before

as if every young soul must

vanquish those who came before

to make their mark

history is not told by those who won the battle

but by they born of bloodshed

for no history seems to matter in a world of noise

and false succor

where even children wear masks

as adults wait patiently for their disintegration

building artifices as high as they are wont

to stand without feet

you and i

our time will go unnoticed

and one may argue

what does it matter?

as long as we know

isn’t that enough?

but we seek in our nature

to share beauty and joy

for loveliness to be known

as I would write forever…

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