Fall Through Mirrors

Fall through theusedlife’s iridescent mirrors & let yourself get lost in the labyrinth of her immaculate poetry.

The Used Life

i awoke that morning 
with a fantasy like any other
namely, a golden rod poking holes
in the clouds and i 
walking a mile of 
	dropped jaws &
		hanging clocks &
			lavender-drenched tides
to a castle in a tree that bore 
	no roots and
	waved an iron flag 
like a mechanical rib 
or a stale bird
	trembling on the
	lip of a volcano

every line is a world and 
	every number is a logic that falls 
	dead at the doors of our senses

there was a word for the face
that spoiled the dream, the line 
that dotted the i, the precision with which i wept at the departure of my sun-drenched crown we must forget what is supposed to be in order to express what is croaked the lizard at dawn, her two fingers dancing on the chessboard sister of the parakeet, clone of the man in a…

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