BLANK EPITAPH – A.G. Diedericks

a blank epitaph enshrined in dust blooms coal-black petals of which her lovers pluck one by one – here, ‘neath the seeds of repent where requiems are born beyond sound beyond science delineated in a still-life of an open house where she hangs safe from the perversion of words absurdists have long tried to unbolt … Continue reading BLANK EPITAPH – A.G. Diedericks

Frankenstein’s Bastard – A.G. Diedericks

Richard Rothwell’s portrait of Mary Shelley ~ 1840 Frankenstein’s Bastard I malformed from aborted bloodbaths to bite the hands of a kleptomaniac midwife Dear Frankenstein Do I, embolden your bestial apathy with my woes? Am I, merely a pantomime for the parochial aristocracy? fated to this warped pestilence — the stench of patricide gestates in … Continue reading Frankenstein’s Bastard – A.G. Diedericks