Gypsy Princess – Chris Nelson

Tameless night – black
Wild as the dark
Alive on Buckingham carpet
Alert beneath an ivory moon
Sensing, sad sensuous
The spirit of silent age
Timeless spectre
Soft floating as night clouds
Touching gifting the aura
The sight beyond sky limits
Shrouding sweet senses
The spirit of a sensual age.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018


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I Did Not Rise

One hundred years, and nothing learned.


I did not rise in splendor

From the dead-ditch waters

Which whirl-pooled around my ankles

The mud-diluted sea of red

Rust-rivers stagnating like life

In corners where distant words

Dissolved in faces stilled

Becalmed by fearful waiting where

Desperate actions leant death a

Gift of welcome clemency

And possessions rescued hung

Silent monuments to death and waste

A quietus from the words once cried

In fantasised glories never birthed

Merely swept away, erased

Until the hollows ceased to be

Lost deep beyond consciousness

Of greenery and soundless peace

As weeping rains form pools

Which cling to abhorrent memory.


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Embrace – Chris Nelson

He follows you, silent
Gliding, dark-cloaked, invisible
As whispering eddies in the night.
Through streets shrouded
In simple shadows, and light
As pallid as the Sun in winter
Kissed skies.
Across cobble and path,
Through doorways abandoned
As cold as hoar-frost mornings
Creeping tentacles brushing
A shoulder of flame.
In ancient corners, windowless
Led deep within a labyrinth moon,
A face forms shapes melts
Features upon your flesh,
A windless sea carries call to home
Acceptance sighs to welcome.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018


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You Never Saw – Chris Nelson


Don’t look at me
Like you don’t know
And claim you never saw
Smile that smile
Of futures sweet
And believe as if it’s true.
Don’t use your heart
As a pacifist sword
To cut and hide the pain
Sear the truth
You claim as lie
And walk into the light.
Don’t look at me
With shallow eyes
And paint a picture bright
Hush the world
That grows outside
That’ll choke your sightless soul.
Don’t gaze at me
With empty eyes
That only see your truth
And claim you
Never saw beyond
These things – you never asked.

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Here in the Heat – Chris Nelson

Here in the heat

All bodies are lost

No room for the vain

No fear anymore,

Down on the floor

In the diamonds and dust

Distorted truths fail

And lies bear their soul,

Space counts the distance

Marked by your hours

No time for the chosen

Who drown in the sand,

Rise like a phoenix

To burn in the Sun

I’ve bathed in your tears

Can’t feel any more,

Chance now to move

Take control again

To shed all the secrets

Like aging dead skin,

Dance in the heat

No care for the days

Which burn into one

No fear anymore,

Dance in the heat

All bodies are lost

No room for the truth

Can’t feel anymore.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018


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Monument – Chris Nelson


We’ll build a monument to who we are,

Pack all we own and board a fast car,

We’ll leave our mark in tracks upon the road,

And throw away the things that we were told.

We’ll build our legacy in glass and stone,

And swear to silent gods we call it home,

But never turn and never look behind,

At promises we made to be that kind.

And were the castles that we built on sand?

The dreams we took meant for another’s hands?

As effigies grow taller by the day,

And all we see behind our eyes grows grey.

The mirrors steal the souls we never had,

And our capacity for good turns bad,

But still we build and sow and sow and build,

And empty hearts we hold are never filled.

Distorted truths the way we kill the time,

To make the scenes we paint all fit the…

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Inuit Prayer – Chris Nelson


Soon the fish will come.
Soon the seals will dance beneath the ice.
A warmer glory will rise,
Pale against the pastel
Cold blue backdrop.
Softer fingers will reach out,
A gentle touch of life
And fire withheld.
The wasteland empty, frozen,
Will not relent its heart
Give up or give out.
But gone the icy welcome,
A knife cut razor glare
Usurped by lucid reason.
And soon the fish will come.
And soon the seals will dance.

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