When You Understand – The Stories In Between

And sometimes we adopt these casualties as if they were our own, in the darkest of times, during the only thing we know as real. Finally we struggle to give it away but the most painful of realizations is the moment when we understand this is ours to keep. I will open your eyes to the death of innocence. There is a truth in my anger, an outstretched grasping hand. There is little sympathy in this place, and even less understanding. We are all washed as clean as we can get. But save the dirt and praise tomorrow because it all makes no difference.

Do you want me to really show you something? Really? Because I can. But you may not like what you see. If you want me to, I can turn this whole thing inside out and pull what you thought was reality away, piece by broken piece, then maybe, just maybe, you might have something to say.


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12 thoughts on “When You Understand – The Stories In Between

  1. Stories,
    This is an interesting piece! Very mysterious, alluring and a bit haunting. It left me feeling a bit creeped out, in a good way. Truth, what is truth? And what is reality? The stories we tell ourselves, huh? We are VERY adept at telling ourselves the right lies to soothe and comfort our inner child. Like a bedtime tale before heading off into dreamstates of altered consciousness, we allow for another kind of alternate dreamstate during our waking hours. One which prevents us from hitting a wall because, quite frankly, most of us just can’t deal with real and raw. It is far too up close and personal, too in our faces and we just don’t know how to deal when confronted with it. So instead we choose the game of make believe. It’s complicated though, isn’t it? I think when we become really good at maintaining facades and courting lies, we think we’re in control, we think that we can play this game forever…until. we can’t. Until the gig is up! And eventually, the gig is always up and we are stripped raw to reveal the charlatans we have all been, at some point or other…An honest and revealing piece about our human nature.
    Well done!

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  2. Doesn’t it get exhausting sometimes: the conversations with self? I have far too many! Glad I’m not the only one…sometimes it feels like the people in the white jackets are closing in on me…lol.

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