Broken Dreamers

Existential Poetry

Step right up to the political armchair,

flip a coin for a Folk Devil!

Scapegoats can’t escape

your fear-based ICE-laced Koolaid!

Welcome to Alex Jones-town,

pour the poison down the people’s throats

until the words claw back out of their mouths

and frame a cage around the children!

From the cradle to the courthouse,

from the courthouse to the brothel –

breaking the broken backs we stand on

until our economy collapses!

Born a few steps to the left of luck,

paper alone can turn you human.

Build a wall with their bodies;

can you reach God from that tower?

Give a man a red herring and you’ll feed him for a day,

give a man a Fox and he’ll do the lying for you.

Terrified you’ll ransack our moral panic,

Big Brother’s facts are fake:

dreaming is criminal,

immigration is rape,

drugs are riding the backs of their hopes,

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6 thoughts on “Broken Dreamers

  1. Love the clever use of language. It works especially well in a sociopolitical piece because so much of that rhetoric used by politicians is deliberately misleading.
    This is why your writing excites me. I feel like I’m watching something really wonderful happen, art being crafted and shaped right in front of me.
    I keep wanting to guide you and that’s a bit condescending of me so please forgive my tendency to do that but it’s because of your potential to become a great writer that I’m urging you to pay attention to the things you’re getting very very right and for this piece it is your choice of straight forward word choices that you’ve carefully and cleverly lined up to offer an intelligently artful dance that delights. Well done.

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