What’s Yours is Mine – The Stories in Between

Look me in the eye

As you lick

That indifference

From your lips


Better yet

Let me

Taste what it’s like

The bitter apathy

And lies

Stinging my tongue

I’ll choke it down

For it’s better

On the inside


Now my love

Tangle in this embrace

Part those sweet lips

Press against mine

Your tongue quivers

At what I have to offer

Do you recognize this

Or can you not see

Past yourself

As I give back

What is yours


I cower

In understanding

And watch you


In your safe space

The only constant

Is my regret

As I return

For more

Again and again

More can be found at The Stories in Between

27 thoughts on “What’s Yours is Mine – The Stories in Between

      • A little extract of something I wrote to myself about this very thing yesterday, I apologise for the bad verse:

        “Yes, there are moments
        I want to be still
        Holding onto a firm hand
        Not needing a thrill

        But the hand turns stiff
        Decayed and putrid
        I turn into myself
        Jaded, Muted

        And then my soul sings your song,
        the vibrations of your being with which it once echoed,
        Not steady, not safe, not kind, not chaste,
        Yet in whose presence, chaos and life were restored”

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  1. I like it when you fire up a little, when we can feel the hiss of water dripping on hot coals.
    This piece is an apt reflection of sunk cost fallacy, one we are programmed to enact time and time again.
    From a writing perspective, I love how you took it out of the head and into the mouth, creating a physical representation of a psychological process, nicely done TSIB

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