Anachronistic Rant – A.G. Diedericks


History void of sapience

I am the spectre

of regurgitated fallacy

I carve the crevice

in impregnable absolutes

The blood-spatter in the crevasse

of your ice sculpture

Where i birth postmodernism

and cut off the crimson springs

of solipsism

Children raised by the idiot box

extinction of libraries

words replaced by letters

A climate change

bonfire of trees

A nation impeached

acclimation to a blue bird’s speech

Hubris draped in white cloth

the sloth that doth not protest

Suffragettes suffocating

for egalitarianism

Robots dictate pedestrians

look to your alt-left

look to your alt-right

I know where i left my keys

can you help me find

my fucking mind?

26 thoughts on “Anachronistic Rant – A.G. Diedericks

  1. Love the frustration and despair in it, and the dystopian touch that comes with ‘Robots dictate pedestrians / look to your alt-left / look to your alt-right.’ The opening and the last three lines are great. The image you chose was made for this. Another great read by you!

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  2. As someone who works in a library, and lives in a city where a new “library” has just opened without any books, the line “extinction of libraries” hits me particularly hard. The internet is a wonderful thing–without it I might never have read this poem, but there’s an old saying about eggs in one basket, and your anachronistic rant is disturbingly timely.

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  3. Great poetic rant. We live in a time where sensationalism and extremism is used to mask what is really going on and ease us into comfortable boxes from which we won’t protest. Sadly those who rule are actually the least well qualified. Keep on stirring the hornet’s nest, AG

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