people are busy doing chores and doing harm
running into and over
vacuuming and sweeping their lives
under the carpet
devouring the world’s resources and
their prey in one bite
hurting their children
losing their sense of duty, weight and battles
dragging their voids like wounded animals
diving in the shallow waters
raping my brain
wasting my time

I have been here before
I have seen
I have done
I know this man, his cat, his wife’s lover, their neighbor’s gun.
I know this life. This world. This moment. Frozen in time.
This overlapping of events. Repetition of sounds.
I am already gone
empty spaces echo with my shouts.


*You can read more of Bojana’s work at Blogging with Bojana

21 thoughts on “DÉJÀ-VU ~ BOJANA STOJCIC

  1. There is a sadness in this one that is new. It so fits with the poem, and it is so your voice. There is still the bite that is Bojana, but this one carries a different layer of your emotion.

    I love it!!!

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  3. These things we’d encountered in our lives regularly, they seemed to have happened before, because they all feel, so very, familiar, but each moment in time is unique, there had been none like it, nor will there ever be any that resembles it in the future…

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  4. I love this new facet of your voice, Bojana! You are forever pushing yourself and your boundaries. The beginning of this for me is all about the force and action of the words, how it is driven by the verbs you chose. And then it ends in a silence, an empty space that echoes. Very powerful!

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